Here you can browse through a selection of screenshots of our past milestones to get an idea of our development process so far.


These gallerys will give you a general impression of our development state.

  • Scenes

This gallery shows some scenes created in our editor. Most of these screenshots were taken after we implemented a new feature into our engines. All of these screenshots are taken at real time rendering directly out of the editor. The editor uses the same engines as the game application will use, it is a wysiwyg editor.


In this gallery we show you some of our features in our engine. These are only some of the milestones of the past years, because not every feature can directly be seen in a screenshot.

Building Sets

The following gallerys will show you some of our building sets. These sets provide different parts to build different shapes of a certain object by maintaning the general appearance of these objects when grouped together.

CityHouses 1

In this gallery we show you a building set for some city houses. By combining the seperate modules together you can build a great number of variants of houses.

EO Artworks
These galleries show the artworks made for Espadon Onlines world by our former member Seach. Check out his other works: LandscapeRunner on Deviantart

  • Features
Coast Artworks

Flatland Artworks

Forest Artworks

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  1. 6th Mai 2014 | Puritaniar says: Antworten
    Um nicht auf englisch zu versagen, antworte ich mal auf deutsch^^ Schön zu sehen, dass es vorran geht, sehr cooles neues Design feuen mich ja auf alles was och kommt, werde euch garantiert noch weiter verfolgen bis dahin:D Alles Gute euer Ex-2d Artist

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