About Us

Who are you?

We are the Zedalos team. We are students from German-speaking countries who spent much time on developing engines or apps and producing pieces of art.

What is Zedalos?

Zedalos is a student project evolved from Espadon Online that develops an engine and related tools, for scene visualization or games, especially with huge landscapes. We created this blog to share our experience, problems and possible solutions with you!

Which language do you use?

Our favorite language is C/C++, but we do have experience in Java as well.

Do you use other engines?

Yes, we do! The biggest one is the OGRE 3D, which is an open source graphics engine.

Do you develop mobile apps?

We’re getting into this topic. Currently we focus on Android, as we like coding native apps.

Can I join you?

You have experience in development or making art? Feel free to contact us!

I don’t want to join, but make a guest post (which fits into this blog!).

Please feel free to contact us, too.