What is Zedalos?

This article is dedicated to give you a good understanding on what the Zedalos project is and what you can expect of us in the future. We are clearly aware of the fact that there are many awesome Game Engines out there, so please don’t judge us as just a tiny clone of one of the big names too fast.
During my time at Espadon Online we experienced the same, when posting in other forums to find members. I personally appreciate constructive criticism, because that is what brings you forward. Nevertheless the negative criticism that f.e. Espadon was just a simple clone and we wouldn’t last long also helped us not to lose the focus and over the years those voices became silent. So I think with the base and experience of Espadon Online we can develope Zedalos even better and show you over the next years what you can be capable of with a good team.

Although we evolved from the MMORPG project Espadon Online we took a new direction.
We want to build a Game Engine as general as possible to support many game genres. Furthermore we plan to make at least some of the components available to other projects, when we reach the necessary development state. We will also share our experiences with you and keep you up to date on the project by publishing articles on different topics related to our work. We will group the articles into different categories which are listed in the footer menu. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us via the formular on our website.

Who we are

If you have followed Espadon Online in the past, you propably know that we are students from German-speaking countries who spent much time on developing engines or apps and producing pieces of art. We founded Zedalos in order to bring our imagination of an easy to use yet powerful Game Engine to life and continue the work we did so far. Regarding the articles we write, every member of course has his special topics who he works on inside the projet and what he likes most, its still a hobby for us after all.

What can you expect?

We are aware of the fact that a hobby project cannot even be close to the productivity of a professional developer team. Everybody is spending as much freetime on the project as he can, but we have and we know our limits.
So we keep the plans on our future development as realistic as the experience made with Espadon Online tought us, both in time exposure and features. Nevertheless we have a clear understanding on how our Engine should develope and what features it should offer to the user. The plan of making our editor capable of building contents for different game genres is one of these things. Right now the focus remains on games with larger open worlds, but building a levelbased game or a Space Simulator is intended too.
As mentioned before there will most likely be releases of components of our engines or the editor itself in the future. However right now we are far from a development state that would match the requirements we set to release something. In addition, we avoid setting a deadline, therefore we cannot give you details when something will be released yet.

I hope this article could give you a better understanding on what the Zedalos Project is and where it will go. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

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At Espadon Online my name was Anno1989 and I was a part of the programmer team. I'm studying engineering at RWTH Aachen University and spend my freetime with different sports, programming and gaming.

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